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Peace and love symbol

Peace and love symbol

Around the world, there are symbols of peace and love that everyone recognizes. Whether it's people who have dedicated their lives to the cause like Che Guevara or Prem Rawat, or common sense symbols like the dove, or quotes that have become symbols like Prem Rawat's "Peace is possible", peace and love are values that every community is committed to sharing. And among the most popular peace and love symbols, those three are the most used.

The cross Peace and Love sign

The Peace and Love sign was born thanks to the pencil stroke of Gerald Holtom, the British designer member of the Campaign for nuclear disarmament, on February 21, 1958. It was inspired by the semaphore alphabet - especially used in the Marine- to represent an N and a D, the initials of Nuclear Disarmament.

The logo made by Gerald Holtom has never been forgotten; A few years after its first appearance on the streets of England, it has become the symbol of peace that everyone knows, of pacifism and nonviolence advocating love and not war that the hippies have striven to spread in the whole world from Paris in May 68 to Woodstock via Vietnam where the protesters were peacefully working against his war.

White color

A large number of symbols of peace is associated with the color white, because it transmits peace, calm, serenity and security according to many philosophies and across a multitude of civilizations. It is bright and positive, unlike the black color which is dark and carries negative feelings. White is the color of purity. It is for this reason that many organizations promoting peace and love often use a white background to remind the scarlet color of peace and love.

The Dove

The dove symbolizes, first of all, love and fidelity. This association did not happen accidentally because the dove is one of the rare birds to remain monogamous all its life. In antiquity, doves were offered as a sacrifice to Aphrodite (Venus) and the goddesses of love Astarte. The latter is also represented accompanied by doves. For the Native American, lovers declare their flame by offering a dove feather.

The dove is also a vector of freedom. It is by its flight that the dove symbolizes freedom. The best illustration of this return to freedom is the release of doves during ceremonies which also symbolize the link between heaven and earth.

Finally, it is a symbol of peace and it is very famous throughout the world. In 1949, the Communist Party of which he was then a member, asked Picasso to draw a poster symbolizing the Peace Movement at the time of a World Congress which was to be held in Paris, Salle Pleyel.

Picasso then traces the profile of a dove, which has since become famous. For the anecdote, Picasso produced the drawing of the Dove of Peace in 1949, the year of the birth of his daughter, Paloma Picasso, Paloma meaning "dove" in Spanish. Paloma will have a daughter whom she will call Paz, which means Peace in Spanish.

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